Bowls Wellington Umpires Association Inc. 

Bowls Wellington Umpires Inc. is affiliated to Bowls Wellington and is responsible for the development and allocation of umpires to official tournaments and events. 


Meetings of the Association are held at the Petone Bowling Club as follows:

Executive Meetings:   1st Thursday of the month at 7.30pm (excl. January and June) 

Open Meetings:         4th Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm unless stated (excl. January, June, July, August, December)

Club Officials and players are welcome to attend any of the following; 



24th September                 Bowls3Five – bring your bowls (6pm)

11th October                      Umpires Gala

22nd Ocotber                     Discussions on Administrating an Event - completing charts and cards

26th  November                 Practical  Activities (6:30pm)


25th  February                   Guest Speaker

24th March                         Umpires in Action

21st April                            Umpires’ Award Night

24th May                            Annual General Meeting (10.00am)

Executive Committee

Patron                                 The President of Bowls Wellington Inc.

President                            Paul  Hassall                        Ph. 021385525                 

Vice President                    Sue Way                              Ph. 021412611

Secretary                            Dayle Jackson                     Ph. 4776621                     

Treasurer                            Peter Nixon                         Ph. 232 8575                    

Executive Committee       Beverely Lindsay                 Ph. 04 232 5260               

                                            Michael Johnson                Ph. 0273308084               

                                            Tom Murfitt                         Ph. 02102760089                     

                                            Keith Turner                        Ph. 0211530958               

                                            Kay Martin                           Ph. 0212605181               

Representative to Bowls Wellington Operation Committee

Co-opted Member          Beverley Lindsay              Ph. 232 5260


Honorary Life Members

Keith R. Johnson                             04 232 7210

Margaret O’Sullivan                        04 380 0193


Jim Adams, Bill Frizzell, Chris Gaunt, Keith R Johnson, Garry King, Gerry MacGregor, Margaret O’Sullivan, David Parsons, John Beckford

Membership Subscriptions  $10

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Ged Boyle @ Ray White

027 290 0752


P: 04 560 0384

F: 04 560 0400


Pelorus Sports House

93 Hutt Park Road,


Lower Hutt 5012