Bowls Wellington Umpires Association Inc. 

The Bowls Wellington Umpires Inc. is an independent Incorporated Society affiliated to Bowls Wellington and is responsible for the development and allocation of umpires to local, regional and national tournaments and events within the greater Wellington area.   

Executive Committee

Patron                                 The President of Bowls Wellington

President                            Paul  Hassall                        

Vice President                    Sue Way                              

Secretary                            Dayle Jackson                   

Treasurer                            Dave Burrage                      

Executive Committee       Beverely Lindsay                

                                            Michael Johnson       

                                            Tom Murfitt 

                                            Kay Martin                         

                                            Cath Thomson                   


Peter Nixon

David Burrage

Anne Burrage

Honorary Life Members

Keith R. Johnson                             

Margaret O’Sullivan   

Thelma Chapman                   

For umpiring questions and support, please contact the umpires association. Contact details of all qualified umpires, can be found here

Membership Subscriptions  $10

Meetings to be confirmed